Pencil Smugglers

The Good Syndicate

Behind the success of Black Pencil Project are anonymous individuals and organisations in the Philippines and other parts of the world where overseas Filipino communities thrive. Current active members of the core group include young professionals, program incubators and change-makers, prominent figures in the private sector, volunteerism and social development communities.

Core Group



The Photographer
Mon Corpuz is a travel photographer, teacher & art director. He works for digital agency GroupM. He's the founder of Black Pencil Project.


The Traveler
Kuya Dino is the founder of White Canvas Organization; an art based advocacy group that bridges art and charity founded in year 2014.


Fr. Joemar

The Smiling Priest
Father Joemar Sibug, O.P. is known for his self-less missionary work in Babuyan Islands and Mindanao. He leads Dominican Missions in the Philippines.

Nanay Nini

The Mountaineer
Nini Sacro is a seasoned mountaineer, an artist and a mother to all. She's the founder of mountaineers-for-a-cause Climb Against Cancer. 


Kuya AG

The Artist
Kuya AG Sano (Dolphin Boy) is landscape architect-turned conservationist is responsible for the ubiquitous street murals in the Philippines. 



The Story Teller
An IT and photojournalist by profession, Kuya Rolan shoots for Philippine Tourism; travels around the country with a mission to change perspectives.


Si Ryan

The Volunteer
Kuya Ryan Sto. Domingo is a intrepid traveler. A graphic designer by profession, he works for a top pharmaceutical company in the Philippines.


The Overseas Filipino
Kuya Rowell leads Black Pencil Project - Papua New Guinea; a Filipino community that supports school-based advocacies and charities in the Philippines.

Over the years, Black Pencil Project yearned to be invisible and remain focused on the children we serve in every thing we do; they are our real heroes