Indigenous People's Education

Where the road ends, optimism begins 

Black Pencil Project works in various cultural communities in the Philippines from the Ivatans of Batanes, Ifugao of the Cordilleras, Aetas of eastern Zambales mountain range, Dumagats of Rizal, Mangyans of Mindoro, Manobo-Matigsalog tribe of Bukidnon, Tidurays of Maguindanaos, Palawanon of Palawan to the Tausugs and Badjaos of Sulu Islands. 



CUlture-senstive Kits

Study and Hygiene Kits

Grade and culture-sensitive study packs are given away along with basic hygiene kits to beneficiary schools during an outreach program. Each pupil receives prescribed pencils, pad paper and pens relevant to their grade level.


Interactive Games

Indigenous games like kids relay, tug-of-war and sack race are played to break-the-ice and foster interactions and camaraderie between volunteers and host school before distribution of school supplies or feeding program.


Art Workshop

Modular art workshop designed to highlight the host community's rich cultural values, promote environment and heritage conservation. Art works of children are curated and re-purposed to support future back-to-school programs.