We Support Earth Hour 2015

Changing Climate Change

In solidarity with millions of people across the world who are part of the Earth Hour movement, Philippines' civilian volunteer group Black Pencil Project is renewing its commitment in raising awareness about climate change. Since 2008, Black Pencil Project have grown to adopt programs related to environment conservation, disaster relief and solar lighting initiatives in collaboration with various non-profit and civic organisations.

In celebration of our 7th year, we invite everyone to join our cause and take extra step towards changing climate change.


Donate Pencils

Support HABAGAT EARTH HOUR NIGHT RIDE 2015 by donating pencils and other school supplies during the event.



Sponsor a barrio school nursery with complete reforestation nursery kits and tree planting materials.


Donate Solar Lamps

Sponsor an educational solar lighting system to provide sustainable and hazard-free lighting source for school children and teachers.

This year, everyone’s talking climate change. Use #YourPower and take climate action now!