Changing The World, One Pencil At A Time

Inspiring Advocacies

We acknowledge that we cannot solve problems of barrio schools alone but only through shared social responsibility and mutual cooperations. To see our mission through, Black Pencil Project is offered as a participatory platform that unites people across different interests and communities to collaborate while empowering them to realise their societal role in:

  • promoting the fundamental rights and welfare of barrio school children in the Philippines
  • enabling indigent communities with access and tools to primary and indigenous education
  • building meaningful relationships to voice out the need organise as one community

Join us in our advocacy to champion children’s rights, promote education initiatives for barrio schools. We hope our programs inspire you.


Pencils For The Barrio

Pencils Without Borders 

A year-round pencil appropriations program for barrio schools of remote mountains, island communities and areas of conflict. Stubby pencils are then retrieved for supply replacement.




A barrio school assistance program that facilitates access to complete grade and culture-sensitive study packs, teacher's kits, and learning resources modules during back-to-school season.

Pencil Treks


Organised outreaches designed to efficiently channel vital school supplies to remote project communities in time for the opening of school year around months of May and July each year.


One-Pencil Campaign

Community drive and awareness campaign to engage individuals and their organisations to help empower barrio schools with pencils and other light school supplies.


Learner's Kits

Grade and culture-sensitive study pack provisioning for Day Care, Kinder up to Grade 6 pupils to encourage school participation and class engagement.



A unique cultural immersion (volunteering and travel) experience organised by Black Pencil Project to safely engage donors and sponsors to project areas for a meaningful weekend or holiday.

Black Pencil Project engage individuals or groups in various impact levels to participate in the advocacy of promoting education through simple but most personal manner